SHUNT Self-Survey for Nurses


Take the SHUNT Self-Survey for Nurses™

Occupational stress in nursing is a reality.  To identify traits observed in impaired nurses, the SHUNT Self-Survey for Nurses™ was developed in order to reduce the occupational hazard of addiction in nurses.

The SHUNT Self-Survey For Nurses™  Scoring Sheet Copyright © 2008-2017 Paula Davies Scimeca, RN, MS.  All Rights Reserved, except as follows: 

The author gives permission for the SHUNT Self-Survey™ scoring sheet to be copied when used solely for a nurse's own personal use AND the author and publisher are held harmless from any and all liability AND any and all copies prominently display this copyright information with the disclaimer: This tool is not intended to diagnose chemical dependency, or any other situation or condition. No score indicates a total absence of risk, nor any certainty that anyone is, or ever will become, chemically dependent.  

For more specific information regarding scoring criteria, please refer to the book: Unbecoming A Nurse.  



Take the SHUNT Self-Survey for Nurses™

Reply YES or NO to the presence of the following characteristics:

S - Social withdrawal or self-isolative behavior.  ______

S - Self-care behaviors beneath societal or professional standards. ________

H - History of chemical dependency in the nurse's immediate family. ________

H - History of negative consequences related to nurse's own substance use. ______

U - Untreated or unremitting emotional or physical pain. _______

U - Using medication for a reason it was not intended or in a manner not recommended. _______

N - Nursing practice routinely in excess of 55 hours per week. _______

N - Nursing duties include frequent access to controlled substances. _______

T - Transitional period requiring major adjustment within the past year. _______

T - Turmoil or tragedy with unresolved conflict. ________

Score each characteristic above with 1 point for every YES or zero for every NO response.  Add points for total score.

DATE:________ TOTAL= _______


Tracking SHUNT Scores Over Time

Just as we periodically track our weight and blood pressure over time to assess our health and well-being, periodically tracking SHUNT Self-Survey scores may help identify a trend towards higher risk characteristics or situations which many nurses have found accompany or precede a problem with alcohol and other substances.