Nurses & Addiction - Unbecoming A Nurse

Nurses & Addiction - Unbecoming A Nurse

Nurses & Addiction - Unbecoming A NurseNurses & Addiction - Unbecoming A NurseNurses & Addiction - Unbecoming A Nurse

Books On Addiction & Recovery


Why Write Books On Addiction & Recovery in Nurses?

The dilemma of substance abuse among nurses must be highlighted in order to protect nurses, nursing students and the public. The most conservative estimate is that one in ten nurses will develop a drug problem or an alcohol problem during their lifetime.  Some studies suggest the prevalence is double that. Based on these estimates, with over 3 million nurses in the United States, unless addiction prevention strategies in nursing are successful, nurses afflicted with a substance disorder will number nearly half a million.  

Since 2003, my efforts have been devoted to working with chemically dependent nurses, advocating for their recovery, and providing presentations on this issue.  While I have reached thousands of nurses, nursing students and other groups, millions have not yet been reached. 

Unbecoming A Nurse: Bypassing The Hidden Chemical Dependency Trap is a book to fill that void.  It highlights addiction risk factors unique to nursing and warning signs of an alcohol or drug problem in nurses. The addicted nurse's reluctance to obtain help is explained and the need for prompt intervention and expert addiction treatment is stressed.

Since an overwhelming number of nurses recover from addiction and often maintain uninterrupted, continuous recoveries for decades, From Unbecoming A Nurse To Overcoming Addiction: Candid Self-Portraits of Nurses in Recovery was written.  The book chronicles the downward slope of 29 nurses which led to addiction and details their nothing less than miraculous road to recovery.  It offers hope and clear evidence that addiction recovery in nurses is achievable and sustainable.

Nurses are, and can increasingly be, among the people who experience lifelong recovery from addiction.

USA Book News Award Finalist


From Unbecoming A Nurse to Overcoming Addiction

     Author Paula Davies Scimeca and independent publisher Sea Meca, Inc., were honored when selected “From Unbecoming A Nurse to Overcoming Addiction: Candid Self-Portraits of Nurses in Recovery” as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Health: Addiction and Recovery category of the “BEST BOOKS 2010 AWARDS” on October 26th, 2010.    


Ms. Scimeca responded to the announcement by saying: "This award honors the twenty-nine nurses who graciously contributed their stories of long-term recovery from addiction to the book. Such public recognition acknowledges their courageous efforts and transmits the hope of sustained, uninterrupted recovery to thousands of other nurses who are striving for their own recovery from addiction, one day at a time."    

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